Get This Mess Out Of Your Brain : Productivity Phenomenon

A few days ago, I was conducting a session on Productivity at my workplace where I discussed one of the most discussed ideas across the globe, called “MUDA“, which means wastage.

This “MUDA” is a Japanese term that means wastage.

In our industry, we repeatedly advise the team to curb “MUDA”, which means wastage.

This wastage includes 7 portions mainly and is denoted by an acronym, TIMWOOD (developed by Toyota).

T= Transportation

I = Inventory

M = Motion

W = Waiting

O = Overproduction

O = Over processing

D = Defects

Companies working on “Lean Manufacturing” develop their teams to eliminate TIMWOOD at the workplace.

The core idea is to reduce (ideally remove) the wastage.


Now… The same concept when brought into our life enables us to gain superb productivity.

Removing “wastages”!

Our daily life is fully packed with bundles of activities, habits, jobs, and blah blah, which have no relevance to our goals and vision.

Anything which is not aligned with our goals is UNIMPORTANT,.. and so…will be considered a WASTAGE…

Be it a habit… Or a gossip!

Now you need to DIVE IN deep into your life and find out all those things that have no relevance to your goals.

Once identified, you can eliminate them accordingly.

But it’s easier said than done. Why?

Because all those things activities, habits… are so dear that you’d prefer to bite nails than to give up those ”wastages”.

But if you do it, you’d find yourself ” Super Productive “…

Second to NONE…



Ok, before I quit, I’d share with you the same concept phenomenally explained in one of the Prophetic narrations:

مِنْ حُسْنِ إِسْلَامِ الْمَرْءِ تَرْكُهُ مَا لَا يَعْنِيهِ

Translation: “It is the part of beauty of Islam that a person gives up what’s meaningless for him.”

Anything not aligned with your goals is meaningless, and anything meaningless is a wastage…

And a life with out *meaningless* is on the higher edge of productivity.

That’s it for today.

Have a nice day.

Stay blessed,

Stay productive,

 Engr. Muhammad Masood (EMaM)

PS: Wastage is mess…so get it OUT.

Time Management

Assalamoalaikm everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good day.

The reason I am coming to you in the middle of the day is…


…just ended up a session on “Time Management” with my team at my workplace…

And the session, which lasted for a couple of months, made me realise how the absence of planning lands us in trouble…

Regardless of your efficiency and expertise, this fundamental portion of what we call as “planning” would serve you as your roadmap.

And needless to say what part a roadmap plays in your journey…

It gives you a clear direction to reach your destination.

Direction is sooooooo ESSENTIAL…without which you can’t carry out your journey, no matter how good resources you have.

Ahaan…back to my purpose.

Here, we are gathered to share how to plan our year, mark our goals, and develop our concrete road map to hit those goals.🎯

Stay tuned for the webinar coming up in this regard.

Will keep sharing more.

Have a nice day,


Engr. Muhammad Masood

Plan Year 2023 as the best ever year in your lifetime

With three weeks into the new year 2023, here are a few questions for intellectuals!

❓Are you satisfied with the way you are spending your 2023?

❓Were you satisfied with your achievements in 2022?

❓If not, do you fear falling prey to the traps you faced last year?

Be honest to answer these questions.

And if you develop chilling fear that crawls within your skin from your head to toes…BE RELAXED…

I am going to arrange a webinar worth one hundred thousand rupees where you will learn :

🎯 Deep understanding of new year planning
🎯 The reasons why most of the new ~yesr~ *year* resolutions fail.
🎯 How to generate meaning in your life?
🎯 Developing SMART goals.
🎯 Developing a concrete roadmap to hit your goals.

And…much more than that.

And the happier news is…this one hundred thousand worth of webinar is absolutely FREE for you.

So you have left no excuse to get a deeper insight on new year planning and developing a hardcore roadmap via proven strategy to hit your milestones.

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Feel free to reach me for any query you may have.

Have peace,

Engr. Muhammad Masood (EMaM)