Muhammad Masood Siddiqui – Your Head of Engineering

Are you ready to embark on a journey with a professional who doesn’t just “fit the bill” but redefines it? Your quest for the perfect Head of Engineering might just find its climax here.

Who am I?

I am a qualified mechanical engineer from NED University with 1.5 decades of diversified experience comprising both local, as well as international exposure. My career path swathes vast areas including Plant Management, Cost-Control, Quality Management, Preventive/Corrective Maintenance, Procurement, and Human Resource Management.

Currently, I am serving Karim Containers Pvt Ltd as “Factory Manager”.

Why me?

As a seasoned manager who has spearheaded the production, maintenance, and engineering of a plant operating with 50+ machines and 400 headcounts, including both the managerial positions and the direct labor, I have made the following contributions to my organization:

  • Energizing Savings: Ever heard of an “Energy Conservation Plan” that orchestrated a 5 to 10% reduction in electricity costs?
  • Production Power-Up: Picture a strategy that fueled a 20% surge in production – that’s the kind of strategic brilliance I bring.
  • Productivity Prodigy: Through insightful training, I orchestrated a 30% drop in OT by enhancing productivity.
  • Eco-Warrior: Ever seen a “Green Energy” project unfold, saving millions annually? I made it a reality with a 120 kW solar plant, with more in the pipeline.

My career’s an odyssey of executive excellence, tailor-made for a role as dynamic as Head of Engineering.

Curious for more? Reach out to me for a detailed discussion on how I can add value to your organization.


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